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Factors Influencing Participation in Children and Young People Provided with AAC

  • Tom Griffiths
  • Michael Clarke
  • Caroline Newton
  • K.V. Petrides
  • Andrew Lysley
  • Katie Price

Supporting children to participate in society to the best of their ability is a primary aim of intervention. The provision of communication aids are intended to support and develop children’s participation as part of their total communication strategies. Improving communication abilities and options can support participation, and enhanced participation has the potential also to promote communication skills development (Raghavendra, in press).

Nevertheless, there is a relative lack of research exploring participation in children with complex communication needs (CCN) and the potential impact of child, environmental and communication aid factors on participation. The aim of this paper therefore is to provide an initial exploration of variation in the frequency of children’s participation, and to examine how participation varies in relation to communication abilities (level of speech intelligibility and perceived effectiveness of the communication aid) and child age.

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