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Access and Communication for Children with Complex Needs and a Visual Impairment

Personal experience
  • Kay Wrench
  • Roger Bates

This session will focus on the impact a visual impairment can have on the development of an effective communication system and access to learning for AAC users. It features a case study of a five year old girl who has cerebral palsy and a visual impairment. She already makes excellent use of computer software to support learning and is working towards the use of a dynamic screen communication device.

The session will show the materials and strategies that have been adopted to support her by a multiagency team from early work in the home and pre school setting and now in her local primary school. We will also give ideas for working with children and young people with more severe visual impairment, including those who are blind.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Primary school