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Combining Exchanged-based Communication with Speech-output Technology: A series of experimental investigations

Sponsored Research
  • Oliver Wendt
  • Miriam C. Boesch
  • Anu Subramanian
  • Ning Hsu
  • Katie M. Johnstone

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), dedicated Speech-Generating Devices, and iPads are prominent AAC strategies to enhance functional communication skills in children with autism who have little or no functional speech. How to transition from PECS to high technology AAC is a common concern in clinical practice.

This presentation will showcase how to modify the traditional PECS protocol to include SGDs and iPads. Research results from experimental single-subject designs will illustrate effects on the development of requesting, natural speech, and social interaction skills. A variety of different types of PECS learners ranging from severe forms of autism marked by complete lack of speech and high cognitive disability to the more verbal individual with moderate autism will be discussed through video-based case examples.

Download: Handout 1 (pdf 800KB), Handout 2 (pdf 138KB)