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Voice Symbol AAC - iPad, PC, V Pen: Multi-platform AAC for communication, teaching and language development

  • Tony Jones (Ability World Ltd)
  • David Weatherburn

We will present the new ‘Voice Symbol AAC’ software – an interactive touchscreen communication system for iPad and PC, that can also be used to create low tech resources for use with a V Pen.

The V Pen attracted a lot of excitement at its launch at CM 2010. Voice Symbol software, which enables you to print communication pages with voice output (for use with a V Pen), has undergone major development. The new 'Voice Symbol AAC' software includes unique teaching and language development features, e.g. free apps., animated symbols and Intelligent Page Linking, the latter allowing very efficient communication systems to be developed.

The multi-platform approach potentially reduces professionals’ time and cost, and the latest mainstream technology is widely available, and relatively more affordable and socially inclusive.

Level of Session 
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All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Primary school
Further/Higher Education