The Voice Keeper Ltd

The Voice Keeper is the most user-friendly voice banking service!

The year is 2020. Text to speech technology has evolved so far that speech synthesizers sound REALLY good.
In ALMAGU, an Israeli voice tech company, we are taking TTS technology to the next level: personalization.
ALS/MND patients have an opportunity to create a specific, personal TTS voice by recording themselves.

Our philosophy has always been to make things easy and simple to use.
Stephen Hawking, himself using a PERSONAL TTS voice, once said that “each equation I included in the book would halve the sales”.
With The Voice Keeper we tried to follow the same principles.
It’s as easy and simple as possible. Currently, with our iPhone app, you can create a VERY GOOD version of your voice, in just 10 minutes of work!
The voice can later be used with ANY popular Windows communication software, as well as with our own app.

The Voice Keeper is:

  • Quick onboarding: connect with Gmail or FaceBook account, no questions asked, start recording at once!
  • Fast recording process: no screening sentences, no need to review the recordings. No microphone or setup calibration. Just read naturally!
  • Immediate feedback:
    New voice version after every 10 minutes of recording!
    With a recommended microphone – first version after only 3 minutes.
  • No recommended microphone handy? Not a problem! Use our iPhone app to create a high quality personal voice.
  • Easy for everyone: optional short sentences set.
  • ANYONE can record: even if it’s the first time you are recording, it will sound good!
  • Voice Donation for those who can’t record themselves. By the way, Stephen Hawking used a voice created by his friend as well.

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Address: Metsada 7 Bney Brak, suite 126, Israel
Contact: Elik Gurvitz
Tel: +1 646 2572037
Email: [email protected]