Sensory Guru Ltd

Sensory Guru is an innovative assistive technology developer and supplier offering a varied range of sensory, communication and access technology products and services. The company’s latest developments include Magic Room, a new and exciting lesson delivery system supporting AT, AAC and sensory needs in the classroom.

As well as developing their own well-known products like the Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror, Sensory Guru is also a supplier of Tobii-Dynavox and Rehadapt products.

Products/services include:

  • Developers of Sensory Eye FX, Magic Eye FX eye tracking software
  • Eye tracking analytics for assessment (Magic Eye FX pro)
  • Magic Room interactive lesson design software with support for AAC
  • Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror interactive projection systems
  • Sensory Room and Immersive Space design and installation
  • Tobii Dynavox hardware and software (full product range)
  • Rehadapt mounting solutions supplier (full product range)
  • Range of training and support services
  • Dedicated remote access and telephone support service for AAC clients between 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri
  • Software development services for AT and AAC industry partners

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Address: The Barn, Parrock Lane, Hartfield TN7 4AR
Contact: Lee Blemings
Tel: 01892 771 381
Email: [email protected]