Liopa Ltd

Liopa is a spin-out from Queen’s University Belfast and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT).

We were incorporated in November 2015 and are commercialising over 10 years of research in the field of Speech and Image processing with particular focus on the fusion of Speech and Lip movements for robust speech recognition in real-world environments.

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Products/services include:

There are several applications for our automated lip-reading technology, including:

  • SRAVI – the Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired. SRAVI is currently in use in NHS hospitals, including Royal Preston Hospital, and Altnagelvin Hospital, and it’s being trialled in hospitals in other countries such as the USA. SRAVI enables patients who are rendered voiceless to communicate in a hospital setting with their doctors, nurses and other caregivers. SRAVI enables patients to communicate using their lip movements alone, via a simple app interface, on a mobile device or iPad.
  • R&D applications, including an automotive solution for in-car automation, and the Visual Voice Generator, an exciting new application which uses our back-end technology in a new way, to review video footage of a person speaking, and to train our system to recognise learned lip movements. The system then recreates the audio of what they’ve said.

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Address: ECIT Institute, Queen’s Road, Queen’s Island, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT3 9DT
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