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Roadshow Timetable

The presenters will be representatives from many of the UK's leading companies that manufacture or supply voice output communication aids, software, switches, symbol systems and more.

At each Roadshow, participants attend 5 sessions during the day. During each of the sessions - which lasts 40 minutes - all the suppliers present parallel presentations and participants are free to choose which they wish to attend. Each presentation is repeated in each session throughout the day.


9.00-9.25  Registration 
9.30-10.15  Introduction from Communication Matters, the local service & suppliers
10.20-11.00  Session 1  
11.05-11.45  Session 2 
11.45-12.00  Tea/coffee
12.00-12.40  Session 3 
12.45-1.15  Exhibition
1.15-2.00  Lunch
2.05-2.45  Session 4
2.50-3.30  Session 5

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