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Communication Matters Projects

Communication Matters is responsible for a variety of ongoing and up and coming projects.

Communication Access UK

The wheelchair symbol is widely recognised throughout the world. More recently symbols for visual and hearing impairment have been introduced in the UK. Although there have been a number a local initiatives, until now there has not been a UK national symbol national symbol to represent communication. Businesses and other organisations know that good communication is key to good business. Being 'communication accessible' adds value to their service and benefits people who have a communication difficulty. Training is provided and minimum standards must be met before a symbol can be displayed. People with communication disabilities are involved in the training and as mystery customers to assess businesses and help determine if they meet the minimum standards. Customer service is improved and visitors with communication needs can be more confident if they see a symbol because staff there have been trained on how best to support them. Find out more about the CAUK Project.

Awards for All Mentoring Project

A mentorship project has been launched in the Manchester area with funding from Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund). Up to 6 young AAC users will receive accredited training in supporting younger or more inexperienced AAC users. Find out more about the Awards for All Mentoring Project.

Unspoken Project

A portion of the John Ellerman Foundation grant was allocated to provide an online educational resource (to Communication Matters members) from the Unspoken Project Theatre Production 'Speechless' which was performed at the Communication Matters 2016 Conference. Find out more about the Unspoken Project.