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Issue Articles and Authors
Apr 2013
Vol 27(1)


  • A Fifteen Year Old Girl's Journey through LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) Intervention (Emily Williams & Danielle Aubrey)
  • A Literacy Based Pilot Study Using Boardmaker Studio and Talk for Writing (Kerry Vacara, Laila Emms & Caroline Oestreich)
  • A Swan Song (Cheryl Davies)
  • Ahooga with a Single Switch (Joris Verrips)
  • Alan Martin: A Tribute (Joan Ruddell)
  • Communication on the Move (Beth Moulam)
  • Integrating Access to Social Media into AAC Devices (Dave Hershberger)
  • Intensive Interaction: A pilot study (Natasha Lewis-Davidson, Mary Chaloner & Laila Emms)
  • It’s Never Too Late to Make it Personal: Creative communication at the end of life (Kate Burns)
  • Language Development Using a Multi-modality Communication Strategy for a Child with Intellectual Disabilities (Elvira Sancho, Marc Coronas, Carme Rosell & Emili Soro-Camats)
  • Now What? The Competent AAC User Who Doesn’t Want to Talk (Nicola Kimmance, Marian Nairac & Nicole Tumber)
  • Sex, Drugs and AAC (Helen Dunman)
Nov 2012
Vol 26(3)


  • A Collaborative Approach to Communication Support in a Hospital Environment (Laila Emms)
  • AAC for Use in a Sailing Boat (Tom Hole)
  • Arthur’s AAC Journey: Case study showing how non-VOCA technology and mounting influences VOCA use (Marc Viera & Gerard Cullen)
  • Communication Difficulties and Talking Mats: The advantages and disadvantages of an on-line training course (Joan Murphy, Lois Cameron & Anne Reid)
  • Creative Speech Technology (Alistair Edwards & Chris Newell)
  • Eight Years Self-Employed: If I knew then, what I know now... (Alan Martin)
  • Elklan AAC Training Package (Andrea Kirton)
  • ISAAC 2012 Conference: Our World (Beth Moulam)
  • MND Review of Communication Aids Provision and Introduction to MND AAC Care Pathway (Catherine Harris)
  • Symbol Vocabulary Needed for Talking about Abuse (Janet Larcher)
  • Using PODD Books: How effective are they in a busy classroom? (Alli Gaskin)
  • When feelings get too much: Athetoid cerebral palsy, emotions and AAC (Katie Caryer & Christine Sherlock)
Aug 2012
Vol 26(2)


  • AAC in Northamptonshire: Involving parents (Clare Pearce & Deborah Pugh)
  • GOAL! Creating a Resource to Facilitate Client Input to Goal Setting (Julie Atkinson, Claire Hayward, Julie Sheridan & Ruth Williams)
  • Group Work to Promote Communication and Literacy (Anne Emerson & Sarah Riley)
  • How Was School Today...? In the Wild: Using a mobile phone to support data collection for automatic narrative generation (Rolf Black, Annalu Waller, Ehud Reiter & Nava Tintarev)
  • Making the Transition from Paper Based Symbol Resources to Interactive Teaching Resources (Laila Emms)
  • My Communication Story From 1981 to 2012 (Barry Smith)
  • Narrative Use in the Care Environment (Suzanne Prior, Annalu Waller, Rolf Black & Thilo Kroll)
  • PECS with Older Students and Adults? (Nikky Steiner & Sarah Upton)
  • Possible New Ways of Scanning for Switch Users (Joris Verrips)
  • Starting from Scratch: Setting up an AAC assessment service for children in Cornwall (Alison Webb)
  • Telling Stories: The communicative roles played by a natural speaker and an aided speaker during narrative interaction (Pippa Bailey & Karen Bunning)
  • Work experience with Sharon Hodgson MP and Sarah Teather MP (Nadia Clarke)
  • Your Thoughts, Your Ideas, Your Life: A Service user conference (Oliver Lee & Christine Griffiths)