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Issue Articles and Authors
Jul 2001
Vol 15(2)


  • A Parent's Perspective on Introducing a Hi-tech Communication Aid to her child (Debra Lissaman & Nicki Worth)
  • Can AAC promote communication and language in children with autism? (Imelda Reynolds)
  • Conversation Analysis and AAC: from Principle to Practice (Steven Bloch, Mike Clarke & Sarah Collins)
  • He doesn't use his Talker much! (Olwen Jones)
  • Motivation and Acceptance Issues in the Provision of Assistive Technology to Adults with Severe Acquired Neuro-disability (Inge Berrie & Gary Derwent)
  • Rolling Drama and AAC Users (Ann Gresswell)
  • The Triple C: Checklist of Communication Competencies (Karen Bloomberg, Denise West & Hilary Johnson)
Mar 2001
Vol 15(1)


  • Employment Using Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems (Anthony Robertson)
  • Getting Started with a Core Low Technology AAC Vocabulary (Judy Robertson)
  • Running AAC Groups on Themes at Primary and Secondary Level (Alison Mackenzie & Elizabeth Holmes)
  • The 1Voice Family Weekend (Katie Clarke & Tamsin Crothers)
  • The Use of AAC to Promote Inclusion in a Secondary School (Rosalind Bleach)
  • Useful Tips for Taking AAC Overseas (Caroline Gray)
  • Using the Principles of the 'Hanen Programme for Parents' with Clients for Developing Early AAC (Chris Sherlock)
  • Views of Young Adults at the Time of Transition (Lois Cameron & Joan Murphy)
  • Working in Partnership - Communication Book Workshops (Hannah Curry, Liz Parker & Sally Chan)
Nov 2000
Vol 14(3)


  • A Language Independent Bliss to Sentence Translation System (Annalu Waller, Erwin Oosterhoorn & Peter Andreasen)
  • An Investigation of Developmental Trends in Speaking and Non-speaking Children: AAC Implications (Janice Murray)
  • Chat with Symbols (Jo Cremelie & Bart Noë)
  • Do Communication Aids Pose a Risk of Cross-infection? (Simon Churchill)
  • How Reliable is the Evidence? The Role of AAC in Legal Situations (Janet Scott)
  • Lightwriters: A New Way Forward (Kim Harris)
  • Speak for Yourself Campaign (James Ford & Jane Wink)
  • Survey and Analysis of the Provision of Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) in Two Regional Health Authorities (Donna Cowan & Alan Turner-Smith)
  • The CM Achievement Awards 2000 (Shaun Garlington, Siân Lewis, Leigh O'Donnell, Gabriel Santos, Shauna Sepede)
  • The Future is Mine (Scott Barbour, Award winner)