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Case Studies for Age 16+

Barry's story

I have Cerebral Palsy since I were born 36 years ago. Because of this my speech is hard to understand. I had being using different way of communicate for the last 34 years. I first got showing how to Sign by using my hands, but because I have jumping moving in my hands and arms this wasn’t any good for me, so they try me with a Bliss Board and got showing if I point with my index finder then everyone would understand what I where saying and I pick it up.

All through my Schooling I were still using this, and I was happy with this. When I was 17 years old I would thinking about what I wanted to do after I leave School about 18 months times. So I went for assessment at Motherwell College to see if I could go there. The outcome of this I was told if I think of going to College, I would had to get a speech output communication aid...

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Bex's Story

Rebecca is 34 years old. She has complex learning and communication difficulties which have presented challenges throughout her life. Determined by nature she has always been insistent on getting her message across and will not give up until she has. Using visual prompts has always been a feature of this, from an early age Rebecca used photographs to prompt communication- looking back this was the beginning of her AAC journey.

 The school she attended did not view signing and symbols as helpful, despite it being a school for children with severe learning difficulties. Nevertheless, with the support of a speech and language therapist Rebecca tried to learn Makaton signing, but her poor coordination made this very difficult. Not to be deterred, with guidance from Rebecca’s speech therapist the family began to introduce Widgit Symbols into Rebecca’s life. Rebecca’s Mum created home-school symbol sheets, timetables, news pages and activities folders. 

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Simon's Story

My own life experiences based on my recently released autobiography, Having Pride. You can access Simon's autobiography on the link below.

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