Silent Auction of unclaimed raffle prizes

We have 5 exciting raffle prizes that remain unclaimed from the CM2016 Conference and so we will auction them off in a silent auction on the AAC forum. Instructions on how to subscribe to the AAC forum.

The prizes are:

  • Liberator AAC Speak Communication App for the iPad
  • AssistiveWare Keeble License
  • Liberator LAMP Words for Life Communication App for iPad
  • AssistiveWare Proloquo4Text License
  • 7″ Quad Core Android Tablet & Cover

Bids must start at a minimum of £10. All winning bids are donated to Communication Matters.

Go to!forum/cm-aac-forum to place your bids now!

The auction ends at 4pm on Monday 3rd October.

Any questions, please email [email protected]