“There is something I want to say” AAC Study Day

“There is something I want to say” – AAC Study Day
17 June 2014, London and 19 June 2014, Manchester

This study day is organised by Communication Matters in collaboration with the Motor Neurone Disease Association, and supported by Manchester Metropolitan University. The day will explore the temporary or permanent loss of speech, in illness and at the end of life. The presenter, John Costello (Boston Children’s Hospital, USA) is internationally known for his work with both children and adults who need the support of AAC, temporarily and permanently.

By the end of the day, participants will be familiar with an assessment and clinical feature-matching model designed to identify patient needs and skills through bedside assessment and match to augmentative communication tools; and a model for introducing and implementing message banking with a patient’s own voice, developed in both a paediatric and adult clinical practice.

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