AAC Evidence Base Research Project: January 2012 Update

We are anticipating that 2012 will be a busy and exciting year for the AAC Evidence Base project!

The research team at the University of Sheffield and Barnsley Hospital are using questionnaires, interviews and focus groups to gather data about the need for AAC and about AAC service provision in the UK. We will be presenting at a range of events and conferences during the year and will be sharing the findings as they emerge.

Manchester Metropolitan University has held a series of focus groups looking at the structure and content of the AAC Evidence Base website. These focus groups have involved AAC users, family members, professionals who work with AAC users and commercial companies that supply AAC services or products. A specification for the website is being developed by Communication Matters and the University. The AAC Evidence Base is planned to go live online in September this year.

Manchester Metropolitan University is also developing a case study template that will make it easier to capture and publish information about AAC, such as how it is being used and by whom, and what works well for different people.

An article on the systematic literature review will be published in the International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders later this year. The review was referenced in the final report on specialised AAC provision by the Office of the Communication Champion and Council (November 2011).

If you are a person who uses AAC, a family member, carer or practitioner, and would like to participate in AAC research then please visit the Research Involvement Networkwebpage www.communicationmatters.org.uk/page/research-involvement-network for more information or contact the Research Manager.

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