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Call for Trustees 2017

Submitted by office on 25 May 2017 - 10:44am

The time has come again to request nominations for Trustees for the next term in the life of Communication Matters. This is a role which demands stamina, commitment and skill mixing but which can be very stimulating and enlightening!

This year there are five vacant places to be filled and the opportunity of appointing a further three Co-opted Trustees as appropriate. Election and announcement of candidates candidates, selected by the associate membership, will take place at the Annual Meeting on Sunday 10 September 2017 at the University of Leeds,  during the Communication Matters National AAC Conference.  Immediately after the Annual Meeting there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Board of Trustees.  At this meeting the current trustees will ratify the appointment of the new trustees.

Trustees have a very important role. They share the ultimate responsibility for governing Communication Matters and directing how it is managed and run. Communication Matters is the UK Chapter of ISAAC (International Society for AAC). The Board of Trustees appoints a Chair (Co-Chairs), Deputy Chair and Treasurer – however all Trustees have a role to keep Communication Matters running and to enable it to carry out its range of activities.

The Board of Trustees meets at the University of Leeds four times a year in November, March, May and September (the day before the Annual Conference). These are usually two day meetings and so overnight accomodation can be arranged for those living a long way from Leeds. Trustees are expected to attend all the board meetings and also to represent Communication Matters at a small number of other meetings and events during the year. As well as these face-to-face meetings, Trustees communicate with each other frequently by email, phone & Skype – there's a lot to do to keep Communication Matters running smoothly!

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Completed nomination forms must reach us by Friday 28th July 2017.