The mentoring project aims to deliver qualifications in mentoring for disabled young people as well as other training opportunities.

CM Mentoring Project – A Story from one AAC User:

You can read a story from one person about their experience of completing a course by clicking on the link below.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact Verity Elliott on [email protected] or 07891959048.

Case Study

Update January 2021:

This is our third year of funding from the National Lottery Community Fund in England and we have a wonderful range of qualifications for AAC users including Entry Level 2, Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2. Topics include personal and social development, mentoring and employability.

All sessions are free and delivered via Zoom or Teams and learners can complete workbooks and activities from their own home. We provide 1-1 support and guidance.

We can also help with setting up a local peer mentoring project in school or college, or through another service.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact Verity Elliott on [email protected] or 07891959048.

Update October 2020 – new flow-chart:

During the past few months we have learnt through our various activities with individual AAC users, parents and professionals, that we can offer a wide range of learning and development opportunities that help to work towards mentoring and building trusting relationships, but that also focus on life skills and readiness to learn.

We also know that the opportunities this project provides, enables access to learning that is quite unique and we are so proud of the achievements made by our learners so far.

We have created a new flow-chart (see below) that we hope clarifies the various options and how we can work with AAC users aged 14+ to adult, either as individual learners, or through a local school, college or speech and language service.

Please feel free to call or email Verity Elliott, as we can bespoke our offer to meet individual and local requirements. The courses are fully funded and we are grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund in England who continue to provide financial support for the next three years.

Tel: 07891959048
Email: [email protected]

Flow Chart for CM Mentoring Project Learning & Development 2020


Due to Covid-19 we have revised all the learning materials to enable you to complete the qualification from the safety and comfort of your home. We will continue to provide 1-1 support and guidance and ensure we meet your individual learning needs as best we can.

We are still able to deliver Level 1 Mentoring and Level 1 and/or Entry Level 3 in Personal & Social Development qualifications for AAC users and help set up local mentoring schemes.

The course materials and written handbooks have been adapted so that you can complete the qualification at home. The use of Zoom and Teams are proving invaluable. It would be good to keep small group work and workshops as our first preference, but whilst this is not possible and may not be for a while, distance learning has lots of potential.

We would like to emphasise that this is ‘distance learning’ and not ‘online learning’ as we are maintaining a personal relationship and 1-1 support and guidance.

Please feel free to download and share the flyers below.

If you would like more information please contact Verity Elliott:
[email protected]


Funded qualifications for mentoring and personal development!

Communication Matters has been successful in receiving a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to deliver Level 1 Mentoring and Level 1 and/or Entry Level 3 in Personal & Social Development qualifications for AAC users over the next three years and to help set up local mentoring schemes.

‘Mentoring is a way of giving time and support to another person to help them make changes in their lives. Mentors will have had relevant life experience and an understanding of what another young person is going through or what their concerns are.’

The route to being an effective mentor includes opportunities to develop other related skills and understanding through Personal & Social Development.

This is very exciting as we know that many disabled young people would welcome the opportunity to be supported by another disabled young person who understands their concerns and aspirations and who may be able to spend time working together.

The qualification consists of a variety of units and topics and we are able to fund the workshops, qualification registration, assessment and certificates along with a small travel allowance to help with travel costs.

If you would like more information, or would be interested in similar courses in your area, then please contact Verity Elliott:
[email protected]


Please note these courses in Kent have been postponed due to Covid-19. Please see the update above about distance learning and do not hesitate to get in touch!

Please see below the upcoming courses taking place in Kent

Entry Level 3 Award in Personal and Social Development – 30 March & 6 April 2020

Entry Level 3 Award in Personal and Social Development – 20 & 27 April 2020

Level 1 Award in Mentoring – July 2020

Update Summer 2019:

We have been busy talking to lots of people about the mentoring project, including AAC users, parents, carers and colleagues within speech and language and other organisations and services – it’s been an exciting time as we are well on the way with planning more developments in the North West, South East and South West over the next couple of years.

Some of the activities we have started include the first group for Level 1 in Mentoring in Manchester. We are half-way through the delivery of this course and it has been really good so far. Lots of engagement and participation, learning and sharing. We are hoping to start another Level 1 course soon.

We have also been working with colleagues in local school and colleges to look at opportunities for Entry Level units from Personal and Social Development which will compliment the skills and understanding for preparing to mentor.

Earlier this summer, we had our first continuous development session for AAC users who have completed a mentoring qualification or who are about to start one. The session, Introduction to Counselling Skills, was delivered by Helen Crane. Another session, Awareness of Mental Health, is planned for October.

We are really impressed by the level of interest in this project and the opportunities offered for AAC users.

We have been able to adapt our original plans as we have listened to what others have said is needed, for example, offering the Level 1 in Mentoring rather than the Level 2 and including units from Personal & Social Development which can be delivered by other services.

More updates to follow later in the year and if you would like any information about the Mentoring Project, please contact: [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!

Update February 2019:

A successful pilot funded by Awards for All launched in the Manchester area in 2017. Since then, Communication Matters and Creativity in Practice were awarded funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to develop and support mentoring by AAC users and disabled young people for other disabled young people over five years (2019-2023) in England. If you are interested in either of these qualifications, or in finding out more, please contact [email protected].

We’d love to hear from you!

Level 2 Award in Mentoring Information Flyer

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