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DfE AAC Grants Project - Objective 2: Mapping AAC Services

The page contains links to visualisations of the data where you can explore it yourself in detail. This page also contains links to an anonymous set of the data collected as part of the DfE AAC project.

This project, funded by The Department for Education aimed to understand and improve the provision of AAC in England. One of the objectives (#2) of the work was to map and audit current provision of AAC delivered by local or universal (statutory) services. The project was carried out over 2012-13 and the mapping work between November 2012 and March 2013. 


Service Makeup 

Service Data, analysed by area and sector

Caseload Data

UK AAC Services - Mapped

The data below was collected as part of the DfE AAC project. Data was collected from local statutory services who provided AAC as part of their service delivery. Note, the mapping here is not intended to allow you to find your local service. If you would like to find a service local to you please contact your local Speech and Language Therapist and/or see the list of AAC services on the CM website.

The links below will take you to maps showing the coverage of services replying to the questions listed. For example, the ‘Funding Source’ map will show you a map of the areas funded by Health, Education and/or mixed funding. Note - the maps show all services responding to these questions.

Map of servicesAs you click on the map, you will notice that the data area below the map provides the information about the services covering this area. Using this data you can build up a picture about the services and the populations they serve.

Clicking on the + at the side of the map allows you to select the values you wish to map.

The data should be treated with caution in a number of ways:

  • firstly this is self-reported data and has not been checked against any other sources;
  • the maps show all services answering the relevant question - as they may vary in other characteristics (e.g. adult V paediatric services) - the map should not be taken as showing the whole population coverage for the particular characteristic;
  • in other words - the gaps on the map may not be real gaps (it may just be that the service did not respond) and where an area is shown with a service covering it, it may not be the case that everyone in that area will be able to access an AAC service;
  • this data covers local not specialised services;
  • the data was collected from Nov 2012 to Apr 2013 and is obviously thus only representative/accurate at this point.



Raw data

The Tableau workbook can be downloaded from the tableau website (through the visualisations above).

You can download the raw CSV file. This file has been generated by SPSS and includes a subset of the anonymous data set.

The variable key to the full data set is also available to download.

Please contact Simon for more information or if you would like to access further data: simon dot judge at nhs dotnet.