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What DANCE means to me

Personal experience
  • Alan Martin

Until getting my first VOCA at 31, I felt that the dance in my heart would always stay there. Thirteen years later, DANCE is my reason for living, and also my main means of earning an income.

This session will explore my journey, from passive recipient of day centre services, to independent, self employed, creative, contemporary dance practitioner. Tell me if I’m wrong in saying, that I am the only electric wheelchair, and communication aid using dance workshop leader in the country?

I will share what I have learned about the value of dance to myself, my workshop participants, and to observers and audience, using video to illustrate my points. You will hear some of my own, computer written music, which I created alongside the choreography for some of my dance pieces.

I hope to challenge your perceptions about dance, and the ability of ALL people to take part, and describe my ambitions for the future.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Primary school
Secondary school transition
Further/Higher Education