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Tell Me Your Story: A storytelling workshop

  • Rolf Black
  • Annalu Waller
  • Ehud Reiter
  • Ross Turner
  • Anne Braekkan
  • Mary Duffy
  • Joanna Shannon

This two-hour workshop is aimed at people who use AAC and their carers/assistants.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to develop and relate a personal experience using their own AAC system. Participants will be provided with techniques and strategies to structure a reusable story and to store this in their AAC device or in paper-based format.

Participants will develop a story with the help of their carer/assistant and will be invited to relate their stories to the group. The workshop will conclude with a reflection on story telling and AAC.

The presenters will not be able to provide support on the technical aspects of individual AAC devices, so participants are advised to bring along carers/assistants who will be able to help with this aspect of the workshop.

Participants are also requested to think of an interesting/funny experience which they may want to tell others.

Level of Session 
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Topic of interest to people who use AAC