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Teaming Up to Take Switch Use from Cause and Effect to Communication

Personal experience
  • Sandra Thistlethwaite
  • Allison Yates
  • Vermilion Parish

Teaching switch and scanning skills for communication in a way that is motivating to students can be a challenging task. Simple switch software is often used as a precursor activity to develop cause and effect, switch targeting, timing, and scanning skills before communication aids are introduced.

However, communication and computer use in the classroom needn’t be seen as separate entities. By combining motivating switch programmes on the computer with fun language activities on communication aids we hope to show you how using these tools can not only help improve switching skills but also increase student participation, develop communication skills, reinforce learning, and enable expression of understanding.

This session, delivered by experienced practitioners from the UK and the USA, will include case study examples, sample activities to take away and try, plus lots of practical hints and tips for making early communication aid use central to classroom activities.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
Primary school