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Switching To Success

  • Tony Jones
  • Judy King

The selection, set up, and development of the use of switches can be problematic. This presentation will attempt to cover the process from the original switch assessment through to developing two switch scanning. The presentation will include:

  • switch selection
  • switch rules (good practice with switches)
  • developing cause and effect with switches
  • motivation and switching (working with toys for example)
  • timing and switches
  • switch problems and solutions
  • switch progression: 1 to 2 to...
  • teaching scanning with switches
  • PowerPoint and switching
  • switch targets and objectives and switch grading.

The presentation will address working with learners at all cognitive levels (PMLD to PhD). Using simple technology, it will include a number of practical examples for use in the classroom or elsewhere. Photographs and videos of practice will help illustrate the issues covered.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages