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A Survival Guide to Communication Matters and Augmentative and Alternative Communication

  • Simon Judge
  • Tina Voizey

AAC? CM? PCS? ISAAC? PECS? VOCA? Confused yet?

We aim to give a Survival Guide relevant to those who have not been to Communication Matters (CM) before, and to those who have been before but want a refresher or overview of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) field.

We will cover an introduction to CM as a charity and what it does for the Associate Membership. We will help you to plan the conference and make the most out of your two days whatever background you come from.

Terminology, definitions, resources and policies which will be used regularly throughout the conference and in the field will be demystified including an essential “Acronym Buster”. We will give an overview of the full range of AAC, from no tech to high tech and the range of people who use, support and work within the field of AAC.

You’ll come away from this discussion being able to tell people at a party what the field of AAC is about other than referring to Stephen Hawking on the Simpsons!

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All Ages