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Simon Says: Taking a game more literally

  • Annalu Waller
  • Rolf Black
  • Chris Martin
  • Graham Pullin
  • Eric Abel

We are developing a new device which is aimed at supporting non-speaking individuals in literacy learning. The PhonicStick provides direct access to spoken phonics (a set of phonemes used in the literacy learning program Jolly Phonics) which can then be blended into words. In an initial study, children were able to generate novel words using the first level subset of six phonics. However, the full set of 42 phonics would require considerably more memorising effort.

We will present different phonic games which are inspired by “Simon says”, a hugely successful memory game in the 80’s which generated an increasing sequence of sounds and lights which the player had to memorise and repeat. This will be an interactive session in which the audience will be invited to participate in evaluation and brainstorming activities.

Level of Session 
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Primary school