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Saving Time in the Classroom for People Using AAC

  • Bruce Baker
  • Judy King

In augmentative communication (AAC) there exists a significant drain on educational and family resources caused by a particular approach to vocabulary selection. The effort required to meet the expectation of adding context-specific vocabulary to an AAC device is extensive for both the support staff and the augmented communicator.

The staff must determine the key words for the given academic topic, develop a plan for adding them to the device, and complete the programming of the device. The augmented communicator must learn how the new key words are represented symbolically, must learn to find them in the device, and finally, must learn how to use them.

All of this effort is in response to the expectation that the student demonstrate competency by providing key words in response to referential questions.

This presentation discusses a method for using high-frequency words in place of key words in the classroom.

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