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Quality Indicators and Standards for Regional Centres and Local Assessment Services

  • Trish Davidson
  • Simon Judge
  • Clare Latham
  • Liz Moulam
  • Anna Reeves
  • Janet Scott

The Bercow Report and the ongoing Scottish review of AAC have highlighted that the AAC sector is lacking a standardized level of service for all people who use AAC. Whilst this comes as no surprise, it is now key that to ensure future equity of provision there are standards and quality indicators for both assessment and ongoing support services for people throughout the UK, recognising within this process that there may be variation between nations.

A sub-group of the Trustees of Communication Matters (named above) have formulated draft quality indicators and standards which have been available to paid up associate members of Communication Matters since late June 2008 for comment.

The aim is to ensure that any new suggested model of provision, including the hub and spoke model recommended by the Bercow Report, takes account of the experiences of the people who currently run these services.

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