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Portable Tellus 3+ and EyeTech TM3 Eye-gaze System

  • Ian Foulger (Techcess)
  • Bart Noë

Ian Foulger of Techcess and Bart Noe of Technology and Integration will be demonstrating the EyeTech TM3 eye-gaze system. This system when combined with the Tellus 3+, a PC-based communication aid, makes a truly portable wheelchair mountable eye gaze accessible communication system.

Eye-gaze technology allows people with little or no physical ability to control a Windows-based PC device by eye movement only. We will show how with a very easy calibration process, potential clients will be able to access MindExpress communication page sets to create speech.

We will demonstrate the Tellus Mobi with integrated Mobile phone and the palm-sized Tellus Smart. The Tellus Mobi runs Windows XP and MindExpress; it is a  communication aid suitable for clients who are ambulant or in wheelchairs. We will show how a Mobi user can create and send a text message, and also show the Tellus Smart functionality.

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