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Playing Games with Communication Aids

  • Barney Hawes (Sensory Software)
  • Gemma Eardley
  • Adam Waits

Throughout history, people have played games for enjoyment and education. Advanced communication software such as The Grid 2 can provide many new ways for everyone to enjoy games.

We will look at 3 ways to access different types of games. The first type is traditional board and parlour games, which can be enjoyed with friends and family. We will see how communication grids can be designed to enable playing popular games such as I Spy, Guess Who, and Monopoly.

The second area that we will discuss is creating interactive games with The Grid 2. Using the features that allow score keeping and puzzle making, we can make games, such as odd-one-out, and quizzes.

Finally we shall look at accessing computer games designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse. The Grid 2 can be used for switch users to access many of these games.

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All Ages
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