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No Speech but Lots to Say

  • Steve Carroll
  • Kristina Atkins
  • Susan O'Brien

The ACE Centres have been  awarded a grant from the Department of Health to deliver a 3 year project  “No Speech but Lots to Say” (2007- 2010).

The aim of the project is to find and engage adults with long-term neurological conditions who have little or no speech. Project participants are invited to comment and share their views and experiences on local health and social care service performance in relation to the quality  requirements for the National Service Framework for Long Term Neurological Conditions.

In addition the project will engage key policy and decision makers from Health and Social Care to ensure that these views are represented and acted on. The project will also create a number of self-sustain groups that will be able to comment on and influence future policies.

This presentation will illustrate the work that has been carried out so far.

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