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New Low Cost, Low Tech Classroom Solutions

  • Dan Hanson (Attainment Company)

Three new devices addressing specific classroom needs will be presented.

The Express One talking sign helps make information accessible to non-readers and can also be used as a large single message talker with built-in picture holder.

The updated Pocket GoTalk is a small, discrete talker with a 30 message capacity, ideal for older student who want a less obvious AAC device, or as a spare for those who usually use more complex devices.

The all new GoTalk Express bridges the gap between simple low tech devices and more expensive dynamic display devices. The 32 button, 3 level GoTalk Express offer features not found in other low cost devices: lighted button, both visual and auditory scanning, and an ‘express’ feature where messages from several buttons can be replayed as one message: “I want”, “orange juice”, “please”, becomes “I want orange juice please!”

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC
Primary school
Secondary school transition