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Makaton Symbols for Wayfinding and Signage

  • Elizabeth Leverton

Many countries use a standardised system of public symbols for wayfinding and signage. In the UK, one of the most widely recognised symbols in public use for wayfinding are BSI symbols. However, with new legislation and growth in the use of communication programmes like Makaton as an essential form of communication, there is an increasing use of symbols besides BSI symbols for wayfinding, signage, and access to public information.

Over the last 10-15 years, Makaton has designed and supplied symbols for a wide variety of centres (including hospitals, schools, museums, libraries, leisure centres) in the UK and abroad, to help people orientate themselves around a centre and to provide access to services and information.

This presentation looks at the use of symbols for wayfinding and signage, and discusses some of the key issues, whilst showing some current examples of Makaton symbols for wayfinding and signage in making information and services accessible.

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