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Learning to Live Independently using AAC in a residential / rehabilitation setting

Personal experience
  • Anthony Robertson
  • David Morris

In the UK when those who have a physical disability reach the age of 19 years and/or leave full-time education, they lose all rights to much-needed therapies such as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.

Having been set up by a person who uses AAC with two colleagues, Chatting Independently provides a response to this situation by providing these services to young people who have a physical disability and use various forms of communication aid systems. By following this approach those who live at Chatting Independently are provided the opportunity to shrug off the shackles of control by others by being able to think for themselves.

Living independently does not happen in a vacuum. Thus, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy including assistive technology and specialist seating as well as independent living skills are a vital ingredients to learning to live as independently as possible.

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