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How Could UK Practitioners and Researchers Benefit from a Central Resource of Current/Published Work on AAC?

  • Liz Moulam
  • Janice Murray

There is a great deal of excellent UK research in AAC. Much of it may not reach a wide audience, described by some as ‘too small scale’ and ‘not really research’, potentially misrepresenting everyone involved, especially the practitioner whose work remains unpublished. Currently there is no central register of UK AAC research or of practitioner best practice. There have been suggestions everyone in AAC could benefit from a centralised resource signposting to current/published UK research and providing a library of best practice. As more research is commissioned it is important work is not duplicated and  people who use AAC are protected from becoming inundated with requests to work with them.

This workshop seeks feedback from practitioners and researchers about what a resource bank might include, how this could be co-ordinated and, without becoming an ethics panel, how people who use AAC can be protected from over-exposure.

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