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Getting a Life! Changing the World!

Personal experience
  • Toby Hewson

I set up a new organisation called ‘JustDifferent’ in May 2007. The aim of JustDifferent is to provide workshops to at least 204,500 children, young people and their tutors in the next three years. JustDifferent believes this will bring about a positive and sustainable social change to the way people with disability are ‘engaged’ with society.

JustDifferent employs young people with a severe level of disability as ‘role model presenters’. Working with children, young people, and their tutors JustDifferent demonstrates in specially designed workshops that people with many types of disability, and particularly those with a severe level of disability, can nearly always do the same as everyone else.

I hope to tell an exciting and interesting story of the development and challenge of the charity. I will share with the audience how I tried and failed to get employment; my early work as a volunteer and role model in another charity; and how this developed into a major initiative to bring about a real understanding of how we are all ‘just different’.

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