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The ECS Continuum

Personal experience
  • Neil Hansen
  • Rob Gregory

With Sensory rooms, Life Skills centres, independent living, continued independence for the elderly, Care Homes and Hospices there is a continuum of ECS (Environmental Control System) strategies that are used with a variety of individuals in a wide range of environments and social situations. Vocabulary and its development for use in these different environments is not only key but gives context to the use of AAC:

  • Using a telephone. Recovery techniques, preparing the listener, making and ending calls. Methods for setting up VOCAs to operate telephones
  • Controlling the home for communal living. Some typical needs across a number of ability levels
  • E.g. One TV user might just want to control on\off, volume up\down, channel up\down and mute. Another may want TeleText, picture in picture, etc
  • Additional language to take into account opinions on Pop Idol, etc
  • Structure language and appliance control so that they work together in a coherent manner
  • Nurse call and care.
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