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Demonstration of Skype Network of Communication Aid Users

  • Zoe Robertson
  • Matt Harrison

This session will show how communication aid users in two South Yorkshire schools have used Skype to speak to communication aid users in other parts of the country. Skype is a free computer program which enables phone-calls and video conferencing over the Internet.

The session will include a live demonstration of a Skype link-up with one of the schools involved, with a brief overview of how to set up the software and hardware itself. Communication aid users who have been involved have enjoyed the experience and a number of possible applications have been identified which will be described.

The ultimate aim is to use Skype, or similar Internet-based video conferencing tools, to provide a network for communication aid users to communicate with other users and non-users, and to provide a real communication environment in which they can practice their communication skills.

Level of Session 
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All Ages