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Accessing Core Vocabulary Using Discovery

  • Tony Jones (Liberator)

What is Core Vocabulary and how should it be symbolised? What percentage of a person’s vocabulary is Core? What issues surround our knowledge of Core Vocabulary? How are these issues addressed within Discovery?

Discovery is the new language program for the Liberator 14 communication system. This paper will explore issues surrounding Core Vocabulary using the Discovery language system and, in so doing, reveal something of the essential nature of the program. Discovery’s use of characterised icons, classifying icons, system rules, and colour coding, etc will be outlined.

Generating example sentences, built from Core Vocabulary alone, and detailing their construction, word by word, will provide insight into Discovery’s structure, versatility, power, and ease of use. Differences between Language, Learning and Living and its brother Discovery will be highlighted as they are met in the course of the presentation.

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