Supporting AAC users with Literacy using Clicker 6



Practice Report

    • Anne Williams (Cornwall Augmentative Communication Team)


Using Clicker 6 to support high-tech AAC users in mainstream school access early phonics teaching.


The teaching of phonics is taught in schools using various phonic programmes. The teachers and teaching assistants within the mainstream school settings were finding it difficult to support high-tech AAC users in these lessons. My aim was to produce Clicker 6 grids that would allow the students to participate and be included in these phonic lessons. Clicker 6 has been used to create grids so that students who use AAC can access the speech sounds and can respond in their literacy lessons


Keeping up with individual children using various phonic schemes has been difficult due to time constraints, with several children needing support in schools spread out over Cornwall. The schools also use at least three different phonic schemes: this meant creating grids for each phonic scheme! However, now that the grids have been prepared, they can be used over and over again with students who require this support.


When assessing children for AAC, check which phonic system the school uses, so that new grids can be prepared if necessary.

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