Seldom Heard Voices and the Shouting Mute




    • Wendy Cutts (Bournemouth University)
    • Carrie Hodges (Bournemouth University)
    • Jon Seagrave aka ‘Jonny Fluffypunk’
    • David Young aka ‘Shouting Mute’


We open the conference with a fun and engaging plenary, which showcases the potential of performance poetry in enabling young AAC users to have their voices heard.

‘Seen but Seldom Heard’ is a collaborative project between Bournemouth University and Victoria Education Centre seeking to challenge dominant perceptions of disability through poetry and performance.

This session commences with a ‘chat show-style’ interview with the project coordinators: Wendy Cutts, Carrie Hodges and Jon Seagrave aka ‘Jonny Fluffypunk’. This will be followed by a screening of the documentary ‘Seen but Seldom Heard…the story so far’. Finally, the audience will be treated to a live poetry performance from one of the many star students, David Young (the ‘Shouting Mute’) supported by Jon Seagrave (‘Jonny Fluffypunk’).

You can hear more about the ‘Seen but Seldom Heard’ project during the poetry workshop and platform presentation on Monday 15th September.

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