Positive Health in a Person-Centred Way



Practice Report

    • Tina Seed (Grimsby CLDT)
    • Linda Naveran (Grimsby Health & Well Being Centre)


We will give an overview of the role of our Health and Well Being Centre and demonstrate how reasonable adjustments and the use of AAC has enabled inclusion and choice making in general. We aim to support the audience to think about how a person with a learning disability can be supported to make adult choices if the right materials for them are developed and used.


We will present four individuals with various health needs: cateract surgery; personal bowel screening; informed decision made re breast prosthesis or not; and teeth extraction. The individuals had different abilities and we will discuss how each person was enabled, showing examples of material made for, and with, the individuals to enable capacity and choice. We will also discuss the necessary multidisciplinary approach and who needed to be involved at which stage.


Using AAC materials can enable a person to understand, and make a decision about, their own health that otherwise they would have been unable to do.

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