IPAACKS: What knowledge of AAC do I need for my job?



Practice Report

    • Janet Scott (SCTCI)


IPAACKS (Informing and Profiling AAC Knowledge and Skills) was launched in January 2014 by NHS Education for Scotland. IPAACKS provides a framework to support the learning and development of people working with individuals who use AAC. This presentation will provide an update on how IPAACKS is being used and contextualised across different sectors and in different parts of the UK.


IPAACKS has been developed via extensive consultation and field testing. Extensive revisions were made based on the feedback received.


A nationally agreed framework supporting the learning and development of people working with individuals who use AAC has been produced and is freely available online. IPAACKS is now in its implementation and evaluation phase. Evaluation will include measurements of uptake and user friendliness, as well as its impact on the wider AAC community.


Since its launch, IPAACKS has been implemented in a range of settings (health, education, third sector and independent service providers) to highlight required levels of competency for different staff and to identify learning and development needs. Although originating in Scotland, it is proving useful for practitioners across the UK.

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