A Right to Communicate



Research Stream

    • Helen Fletcher (NHS Dumfries & Galloway)

Funding Sponsorship

Film was created with funding from the Scottish government ‘A Right To Speak’ project.


This presentation will describe the planning, creating and outcomes of a short film ‘A Right to Communicate’ which starred people who use AAC, explaining how they communicate and giving advice about how they would like others to communicate with them.


The ‘Communication Friends Group’ is for people in Dumfries and Galloway who use high–tech AAC. The group used Scottish Government funding from the ‘A Right to Speak’ project to create and star in a short film about communication.


The short film was uploaded to YouTube and within a week of the film being available it had received over 1,000 views. It also quickly spread across social media, being shared not only by people with an interest in communication but also by those with no prior knowledge of AAC.


‘A Right to Communicate’ has proved to be an overwhelming success, raising the awareness of AAC across society, empowering people who use AAC and working proactively to reduce discrimination.

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