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Verse: Contextual augmented reality communication aid

  • Setareh Shamdani (Royal College of Art / Imperial College)
  • Antton Peña (Royal College of Art / Imperial College)

Communication aids for people with speech impediments have long existed in various forms. However, lacking intuition and bearing the time-consuming process of translating thoughts into spoken words, they face the challenge of compromised speed in conversations. Verse is an aid that adopts the latest technology to significantly reduce the time it takes to input choices, ultimately helping users to engage easier in various social interactions.


With the latest eye tracking and computer vision technology, users only need to look to an object for the system to recognise what that item is and reveal its relevant lexicon. Options can then be selected from the displayed words to construct sentences. To increase the speed of communication, rather than selecting every single word to form sentences, the user simply selects key concepts, which the software then translates into full sentences.


By simplifying input methods and displaying only the contextually relevant words, Verse has found that a sentence that required 102 seconds to input in a traditional communication aid, took merely 12 seconds - significantly increasing a user's speed in communication.


Combining new technologies with a contextually-aware system, we can significantly increase the speed of communication, enabling users to integrate easier in different social settings.

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