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Teaching With Core Words: Do even more with core

Practice Report
  • Jennifer Marden (AssistiveWare)
  • Erin Sheldon
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Jennifer Marden is an employee of AssistiveWare, makers of Proloquo2Go, which has a core word-based vocabulary, but the principles described are not unique to Proloquo2Go, and would apply equally well to other core word systems.

Core word AAC systems are designed based on research which shows a relatively small number of words make up most of what we say. Core word systems share a common philosophy that if a person is given quick access to the words he will need most often, his communication will be more efficient, flexible, and effective. This session builds on a session from CM2014 which presented an overview of research on core words for AAC system design, and resources available for teaching core words for communication and curriculuum. This year's session will briefly review core word research, and then delve in greater detail into teaching techniques that all students can access to improve their ability to communicate expressively.


Informal review of core word research and compilation of resources available for implementing core word AAC systems and emergent literacy instruction with a variety of individuals.


Teaching techniques which can be used for any core word AAC system.


Core Word AAC systems can support flexible, effective communication in a wide range of persons who use AAC. Because many of the core words are not 'picturable' nouns, teaching techniques specifically designed for these more abstract words are required.

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All Ages
Primary school
Secondary school
Special school