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Raising awareness of AAC in Health Care

Personal Experience
  • Gregor Gilmour
  • Linda Milnes (School of Healthcare, University of Leeds)

To educate children and young people's nurses about AAC and how to communicate with an AAC user from a service user representative perspective.


I was invited by Linda Milnes to the University of Manchester to attend two seminar sessions with second year student nurses. The first one in September 2014 was an informal introduction to help prepare for a presentation in October 2014 on how to communicate with an AAC user.


The sessions were very well received by the students. One student said "the talk was very informative and gave good insight into differing communication methods which as nurses we should also be aware. of and take into consideration".


Linda Milnes writes: The session raised awareness amongst student nurses regarding the reasons why people use AAC to communicate, how they learn to use them and the difference it makes to their ability to communicate. Students had the opportunity to learn about the service user perspective on how to communicate with an ACC user. In the long term this knowledge could support a more patient centered and collaborative approach to health care.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Further/Higher Ed.