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Online Training to Support AAC Assessment

Practice Report
  • Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Helen Whittle (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Janet Scott (SCTCI)
  • Sara Dale (ACE Centre)
  • Helen Bell (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Osman Javaid (Manchester Metropolitan University)

This presentation will outline the content of the online AAC training materials intended for professionals supporting those who use AAC. The process of development will be commented on. The training materials were produced as part of the NHS Education for Scotland strategy following the production of iPAACKS: Informing and Profiling AAC Knowledge and Skills.


A multidisciplinary team worked with a steering group to produce an interactive set of online training materials. The team used film of a person who uses AAC and photos to illustrate the points made in the different chapters of the training materials. Technical support was received from the E-Learning officer who implemented the format of the online content.


The training materials are completed and ready to use. They are free to use. They will be suitable for many teams to use as there introductory level and generic/specialist level of assessment training. The materials are organised into chapters, e.g. 'Types of Assessment', 'Your role in AAC Assessment', and 'Placing the client at the centre of the Assessment'.


The training materials are intended to be used by many professionals to help them better support the people who use AAC that they work with.

Level of Session 
Age Group 
All Ages
Primary school
Secondary school
Special school
Further/Higher Ed.