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Meeting Quality Standards for Specialised AAC Assessment

Practice Report
  • Sara Dale (ACE Centre)
  • Karen Bailey (ACE Centre)
Funding / Sponsorship: 
Work funded by DfE National Prospectus Grant 2013-2015

This paper will outline the rationale for a quality assurance framework for AAC assessment. It will consider the development of guidance materials outlining key elements of an effective AAC assessment within the context of emerging Specialised AAC Services in England.


ACE Centre (in partnership with Communication Matters and 1Voice) aimed to create a quality assurance framework for AAC Assessment. The aim was to provide clear guidance on the key elements of an effective AAC assessment. A Steering Group was created for consultation of the process and review of resources that were developed. A review of literature was then undertaken to consider existing Assistive Technology and AAC assessment frameworks and quality standards. The resources and literature were reviewed to determine their suitability for the UK context and the hub and spoke model of AAC service delivery in England. Following this a draft document was created and took the form of Draft Specialised AAC Service Assessment Report Checklist and a Draft Assessment Matrix.


These documents were shared with the Steering Group and emerging AAC hubs in England for consultation. The feedback was amalgamated to produce a revised single document, which took the form of an NHS Specialised AAC Service Equipment Only Request Report Template.


This paper will present the final template, the rationale for its development, and provide feedback about the use of the template to date for specialised AAC equipment-only requests.

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