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Knowledge exchange opportunity for AAC users and SLT students

  • Amanda Hynan (Leeds Beckett University)
  • Andrea Kirton (Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust)

Leeds Beckett University and Barnsley NHS Assistive Technology Service are collaborating to run an AAC-focused module as part of the BSc Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) course in Spring 2016. This presentation will provide information about the module and discuss the involvement of AAC users and students in the planning and development process.


The project will still be in development but the module plans to link AAC users and students together via internet-based video link and face-to-face meetings to carry out structured activities to support the communication skills and knowledge of both the students and  AAC users.


Outcomes will be measured post module via online discussion forums and semi-structured face-to-face interviews with students and AAC users to explore perceptions of value, skill development, technical insights and module improvement suggestions.


It is believed the project will be a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange between SLT students and AAC users. It will also provide education and healthcare services with exploratory information about internet-based teaching and service delivery. The paper should be of interest to AAC users, educators, clinical staff and students.

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