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How do you think? In words? In pictures? I do it in ideas!

Personal Experience
  • Scott Stack

Being a single switch VOCA user means it is difficult to have good conversations with people. And when I was asked the question: "How do you think?", it got me wondering if there was an easier and quicker way, that I can share my thoughts with people. So over the past 18 months, I have been working on making my communication even better. I have been making pre-stored sentences, which I can use whenever I want to. So, I have a choice now - to make my sentences word by word or to use my pre-stored thoughts. I have called them concepts.


I decide what topics I want pre-stored on my device. I write the sentences myself and they are saved onto my device. Then both in my office and at home, I spend hours practising them.


I have seen good things already from the use of my concepts. And over time, I know that from using them a lot, and increasing the amount I have on my device, will improve my communication even more.


I was scared at the start, when I had to start learning my concepts. But I knew the good it would do for me and my communication, if I worked hard both in my office and at home.

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