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Evaluating and Monitoring a Communication Environment

Practice Report
  • Julia Hampson (RNIB)

Interacting and communicating with people with a severe communication disability requires communication partners to make specific adjustments to their communication style and give appropriate support to the individual for effective communication. Staff need to be trained and coached in a range of approaches and develop skills to support people's communication needs appropriately.


A communication training programme has been established at RNIB Pears Centre for Specialist Learning. All the young people have severe communication difficulties and a Multi-sensory Communication environment is essential to support their communication needs and develop their communication potentials. It is the staff's knowledge and skills in making adjustments to communication styles, appropriate for each individual, which creates a multi-sensory environment.


The information gained from the data gives a subjective evaluation of the communication environment that is being provided and identifies areas of training need for the whole staff group and individuals.

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